Why you should create a mobile app over just using a mobile website?

27 Feb 2018 / Mobile Apps
Author: Moin Mohammed, Infoquest DMCC

Why Should Create A Mobile App Over Just Using A Mobile Website? - Marketing has undergone a lot of changes and probably one thing that has not changed is that you have to go to the customer no matter how big a company you are. A huge chunk of the world’s population is online and they access the Internet using their mobile phones. There are more mobile phones than the total number of computers and televisions combined. The mobile market is something no business can afford to ignore. If you are looking for a mobile app development company in Dubai so that you can stop relying on mobile-optimized websites, then get in touch with Infoquest.

Here are some of the benefits of a mobile app over having only a mobile website:

Apps remind customers of your business:

Mobile apps reinforce your presence in the minds of customers. It is not just a bookmark for your customer, but it is a constant reminder about your business as they downloaded your app for using your services. If they have to search for a service that you and your competitor provide but only you have a mobile app and the other company doesn’t, the user will usually download the app and search for your services on your mobile app as mobile apps are perceived to be faster. For app developers in Dubai, contact Infoquest to get the best results.

Android App Development

It is a brand builder:

One important thing that a mobile app offers is that it gives high credibility to your business and helps with awareness and communication of your brand. With the help of a mobile app, you can attract the attention of your target audience many times over than a normal website ever can. With the increase in trust, you can make more customers pay more for your products and services. A lot of features that need manual work can now be automated thanks to the features that are available on a mobile app.

IOS App Development

Increases efficiency and is highly scalable:

A mobile app can perform a variety of functionalities, something which a normal website or a mobile-optimized website can never do. And also in apps, it is possible to increase the load and new functionalities can be added without many issues. In fact, mobile apps are made with all of these conditions in mind. Apps simplify the way you communicate with your customers by doing it securely, instantly, and faster.

Access available even when offline:

One of the best things about having a mobile app for your website is that customers can access information about you even if you are offline on your app. This is because updates are locally stored on the drive and people get their need get satisfied quickly. This is incredibly useful for a lot of people as they can access information about your business quickly even if they don’t have access to the Internet. Mobile websites on the other hand usually take a lot of time to load.

Native features available on apps:

Features like push notifications, tap-to-call, instant updates, device alerts and much more are possible on mobile apps. They can be combined with the features of the device’s hardware. This is something that is not at all possible on a mobile website. In fact, a few features may be done but mobile websites can never use the integration features. For app developers in Dubai, check out Infoquest and the various projects that they have done over the years.

Some of the other use that a mobile app has been the following: 1. You can inform customers about new products and services or inform them of any new changes, 2. You can get the email and phone numbers of your customers, 3. Reach out to a wider audience, 4. Send people who have downloaded exclusive coupons and offers to make them stick with your business longer, 5. You can also get a report of the number of people using your app, how they use the app, and many other demographics that can help you understand your customers better and therefore make better products and services. Infoquest is a mobile app development company in Dubai that has been doing incredible mobile apps for its clients for a long.

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