The importance of choosing a web hosting provider for an ecommerce website

24 Feb 2018 / Web Hosting
Author: Moin Mohammed, Infoquest DMCC

Importance Of Choosing A Web Hosting Provider For An eCommerce website - If you are an eCommerce website, you need a good hosting plan along with buying a domain name that your users can identify with. But a lot of businesses forget that getting good and reliable hosting is crucial for the success of your entire business. Before that, let us tell you that if you are looking for eCommerce website development in Dubai, Infoquest has sufficient experience and qualified developers who have worked on many eCommerce websites.

Here is what will happen if you choose your hosting provider wrongly:

Will affect your revenue:

Imagine your website goes down for an entire day and customers cannot access your products or services and cannot buy anything, which means a big hit in revenue. This will directly hit your revenue target because people cannot buy any of the products. If you are only starting out, it will not mean a huge loss in revenue, but it is still significant. For good web hosting in Dubai, think of Infoquest to give you the best offerings available.

Affects your SEO negatively:

You might be thinking how is it possible for bad hosting to affect your SEO negatively? Well, every time the web crawler comes searching for your website and it finds your website repeatedly unavailable, it will directly affect your rankings. Not only that, websites that are slow will have poor SEO.

Security of your website:

A shopping experience on an eCommerce website is incomplete without a payment gateway and they are susceptible to attacks by malware and spyware. You need to employ security standards to protect credit card information, login details, purchase histories, and user behavior. A good web hosting service will back up data to a remote server and makes it easily accessible to you again if your site is ever hacked. Also, the advantage of getting a reliable hosting service is that you can safeguard yourself from a lot of attacks. It will also come with technical support and maintenance which is important for an eCommerce website as people will access such a site at any time of the day. Infoquest has been providing the service of Web Hosting in Dubai that takes care of your website’s security.

Here is how you need to choose your web hosting provider for your online ecommerce website:

Choose a website that helps you be available online all through the year as it is extremely vital for your website. If a potential customer logs in to make a purchase, seeing a website that is down will only make you look like a business that is not trustable.

See their uptime track record:

While it is impossible to guarantee 100 percent uptime, get a hosting provider who at least offers 99 percent uptime. This number is a must, do not take anything less than this as it will affect your website’s functionality and reputation immensely.

Ability to scale immediately:

When you start your eCommerce business, you might only be receiving a few hundred visitors a day, it is a number that will slowly increase and there are chances of it increasing exponentially too, does your web hosting service provider make such rapid changes available?

Good reviews for customer support:

Look for a hosting service provider that promises you 24 hours support and that too on all days. Before you commit to anything, see the customer service that they provide and then take a decision. There are a lot of forums where businesses like you will discuss the services of different hosting services.

There are different hosting options available:

Different hosting options like Shared, Virtual Private Server, Cloud hosting, and Dedicated and Managed Web Hosting are available for you to choose from. Find out the ones that are good for you based on your needs. Then make the decision based on the above factors that we have discussed above.

Now that we have given you various reasons and methods to choose the correct web hosting for your eCommerce website, it is time to go through them again when you make the purchase decision. For eCommerce website development in Dubai, get on a free consulting call with Infoquest to know the best ways to get it done.

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