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13 Jan 2023 / Website Design & Development
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PHP Development Company In Dubai - Are you looking for the best and leading PHP development company in Dubai? Then you came to the very right place. Infoquest is the leading PHP solutions service provider in Dubai offering the best services in the market having such skills and experience.

Hiring a PHP developer is a necessity in this digital age. And why not? Having a good team of developers is an excellent asset for any company that can help you to achieve new goals in your business. Also, PHP is a vital part of any web development project, and if you are thinking of hiring a dedicated developer for a PHP project. Then Infoquest is a great place to enjoy all the related services under one roof. 

Apart from web development, Infoquest does offer a great variety of services including website design & development, eCommerce solutions, digital marketing, mobile app development, open-source customization, search engine optimization, and so on. So, if you want to know further regarding PHP Development service at Infoquest, then give us a call at  +97145194300, +971508566441, or write us an email at

Why Choose PHP for a Web Development Project?

Over 70% of websites use the PHP framework in some way or another. Some popular websites like Wikipedia, Facebook, WordPress, and so many more favored PHP language over any other.  Different types of frameworks within PHP have been used daily including Laravel. Laravel is known for developing scalable web solutions and MVC architecture. Other popular frameworks are CakePHP, Phalcon, and CodeIgniter. All these frameworks have their perks, for example, CodeIgniter is known as a simple logical structure that is used for plug-in and increasing performance speed whereas Phalcon helps in creating multi-database. At last, CakePHP helps develop prototypes with in-build code generation features. 

Now, Let’s take a look at the top reasons to Choose the PHP framework for web development- 

  • First, PHP is an open-source framework that makes it hassle-free to start a web application project as it does not cost any money.
  • Secondly, PHP has several pre-written and optimized codes that help in reducing time and increase efficiency. 
  • Thirdly, the PHP framework is highly adaptable to multi-platforms including Unix, Mac, OS, Windows Linux, etc., and offers flexibility.
  • The best choice of choosing the PHP framework is that it has high community support and is compatible with large-scale projects. 
  • Lastly, being an open-source framework, PHP is free to use and has advanced security features. 

Top PHP Development Company In Dubai - Infoquest 

Infoquest DMCC has highly dedicated PHP developers that offer highly client-approach solutions at a very competitive price. Our team has the capability, imagination, and creativity to handle any complex PHP project. Every business needs to hire professional PHP developers to develop a framework for a business project. Here at Infoquest, We have the best team of web developers having extensive knowledge & understanding of high-level programming languages including Yii PHP, Laravel, HTML5, MYSQL, Zend, CodeIgnitor, CakePHP, Symphony, and so on. 

Being one of the leading companies offering PHP development services, Infoquest offers highly customized PHP development such as -

  • Custom PHP Development
  • PHP E-commerce Development
  • PHP Web App Development 
  • PHP-Based Social Networking  Solutions
  • PHP-Based CMS Development 
  • PHP Migration & Upgradation 

What Makes Infoquest the Top-Rated PHP Development Company In Dubai?

Like any other investment, hiring the best talent for a PHP development project will always look into the characteristics or features. Here is the list of some top reasons that makes Infoquest an ideal partner for hiring dedicated PHP developers in Dubai-

  • First of all, Infoquest offers 100% personalized PHP development services with on-time delivery. 
  • We have over ten years of experience and have worked with many leading companies across the planet. 
  • Also, Infoquest has successfully delivered projects belonging to both B2C & B2B sectors that offer CMSs, Web portals, and web-based projects. 
  • Moreover, Infoquest follows standard procedures while developing a PHP project that guarantees quality work. 
  • Infoquest has well-experienced and skilled developers that provide quality and tailored solutions for each client. 
  • Furthermore, enjoy post-delivery support and maintenance services for all the projects handled by Infqouest. 
  • Your data and information regarding the project are 100% safe with us. As we have NDA signed for each project irrespective of the project size. 
  • Lastly, Infoquest web developer services are highly cost-efficient and believe in serving the best possible service for each client. 

So, if you want to book an appointment with the Leading PHP Development Company in Dubai, then contact Infoquest on the following details!

Contact Details

Company Name - Infoquest DMCC
Phone Number - +971 4 519 4300, +971 50 8566 441
Email Id. -
Skype Id. - Infoquestit
Address - Infoquest DMCC, P.O.Box: 50308, Unit 1113, DMCC Business Centre, Level No. 1, Jewellery & Gemplex 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - Is PHP an open-source framework?

Answer - Yes, PHP is an open-source framework and it means there is no cost for using PHP for web development.

Question - What PHP services are offered by Infoquest?

Answer - Infoquest, leading PHP development company in Dubai offered customer PHP development, PHP eCommerce development, PHP-based social networking solutions, etc

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