How to get the most out of ecommerce websites using social media

13 Apr 2018 / Social Media Marketing
Author: Moin Mohammed, Infoquest DMCC

How To Get The Most Out Of eCommerce Websites Using Social Media? - There has been so much disruption in the eCommerce space by social media technologies. People don’t shop the way they did earlier, there is a lot of search-driven buying through online sites. There are a lot of conveniences when you shop online when compared to traditional physical stores. Before we talk about eCommerce strategies, the first step is to find companies that do eCommerce website development in Dubai.

Let us know how you can get the most from your eCommerce site using social media:

Give them an improved user experience:

Most shopping today is driven by experience, even though some of them visit an eCommerce website with the intent to buy while some do research to buy specific items at a later date. Even if users do not buy anything on a visit, you should keep them engaged, as and when they keep visiting, they will eventually buy products from the same e-commerce website because they like the experience and if the product they want is available. Infoquest is a Social Media Agency in Dubai that has the bandwidth to help you with campaigns using which you can attract the attention of readers over and over again.

Have a presence on Facebook:

It is one platform where all kinds of users will be available, you can also hyper-target users on Facebook based on different types of filters, a facility that not many social media platforms give us. The engagement rate is usually higher on this platform because people here are connected with their close friends and family while a platform like LinkedIn will barely have any of their friends. Even your Instagram followers, most of them do not belong to your personal network, this is why Facebook is a powerful tool for word-of-mouth. For Facebook Marketing in Dubai, talk to the experts at Infoquest who can help you with targeting.

Using influencers:

Imagine if Tony Robbins were to say that a book written by you is a must-read, you can certainly imagine the book to be a best-seller because that is the kind of influence they wield. Influencer marketing is getting popular by the day, especially in areas such as Food, Travel, and Lifestyle. Influencers are leaders in any field where they have a lot of clout among their followers. People trust these influencers at face value and are ready to buy stuff that they recommend. As a well-respected Social Media agency in Dubai, Infoquest has tied up with many influencers through which we have created campaigns for our clients.

Engage with your audience:

No matter which platform you use, there is always a provision for you to interact with your followers or audience. Create meaningful connections with your audience by interacting with them either through comments, live videos or replies for their queries. You don’t have to sound formal always, people love when their favorite brands use some humor and candor in their dealings with them. Users do know that there is a human being behind the façade of the social media platform. Humanize yourself by being forward with them.

Have a consistent presence:

The only way to get more engagement and drive traffic to your website is by being consistent on the social media platform that you usually engage in. It will show that you are interested and plan to engage with the customers. You can even use marketing automation tools to ensure that many processes don’t need your intervention. Schedule posts in advance, create a content calendar for the entire month in advance, and plan ahead.

Use a lot of visual content:

In the blog posts that you write to target customers, not only is it imperative for you to have well-written content, you need to use good images to keep the interest of your customers. There are a lot of posts that say that using relevant images is a way for you to optimize posts. E-commerce websites depend on the number of visitors for them to convert into customers, so the user experience is an important aspect. We do eCommerce website development in Dubai, get on a free discovery call with us if you want to develop a killer eCommerce website that a lot of your customers will be able to identify with.

These are some of the above points that you can use to get the most out of social media for your eCommerce website. Integrating social media into your Marketing mix is not only a brilliant move, but it is a must because each of your competitors is doing it too. Using the right social media strategy, you can get ahead in terms of driving conversions, bringing more traffic, improving branding, loyalty, and improving your overall business.

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