Here are the things that you should keep in mind when hiring a PHP developer

27 Jul 2019 / Website Design & Development
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Things That You Should Keep In Mind When Hiring A PHP developer - The tech space keeps changing and there are a lot of fancy skills that people keep acquiring. If you are a programmer then there is a sea of change that keeps happening in the programming world, you need to keep yourself updated and along the way, learn new skills also. For PHP web development in Dubai, Infoquest might be the best for you.

PHP is a powerful language that is used to build a lot of web applications, it is used to build MVPs too and it works on multiple platforms. It lets you easily make enterprise-based applications and gives you the flexibility to maintain and build enterprise-level products. It works across all CMS including Drupal, WordPress, and Magento. Infoquest is a web development company in Dubai that has a lot of experience working with PHP-based websites and has expert-level programmers.

What you need to check when you are hiring for a PHP developer:

Evaluate what they know:

It is very important that the people who you are interviewing for the post of a PHP developer have already worked with other companies on such projects. If they are a fresher, you can gauge their skill by at least seeing their portfolio which they have created with their personal projects or websites they have developed as a freelancer. If they don’t have anything to show their expertise or experience in the area, it doesn’t make sense for you to hire them. Are they up to date with the latest frameworks in PHP? You can ask them questions about how they’ve tackled issues when it comes to website development.As a web design agency in Dubai, we have worked with a lot of PHP developers too.

Have clear Job Descriptions:

It is important that you have clear and specific requirements from your hires. This is why it is imperative for you to be precise with your expectations from the interviewee. A Job Description shouldn’t have to be a long list of tasks that you ask your intern to copy-paste from your competitor’s landing page for hiring. Only highlight requirements of skills that you need in your business. A lot of tasks mentioned might also make you look like a company that has unrealistic expectations. Infoquest is a web development company in Dubai that has PHP developers for hire as well.

Agile development best practices:

Everyone is trying to work in an AGILE way, but not everyone is able to pull it off. They are more agile on paper than in reality. As a company, are you doing sprint? Do you plan in advance for release? What does your testing process like? Also, get to know if the interviewee has ever worked in an environment that has agile best practices. If not, are they ready to be a part of such an atmosphere? To get the services of a company that does agile web development in Dubai, try reaching out to Infoquest’s team.

Concentrate on the structure of the interview:

There are a lot of candidates that you would be easily able to filter because their skill sets would not be at par with what you are expecting. A simple phone interview or a short online test would be enough to weed out the ones in the lowest rung. After this stage, check their skills via tests and as they move up, make it tougher so the really good ones keep going to the subsequent rounds. The ultimate decision should be taken only after there is a consensus between all the interviewers who were a part of different stages of the interview.

Can they be innovative?

Although it is easy to find a cookie-cutter-type PHP developer, depending on the type of projects that you take on, you might not necessarily want someone who can do only basic stuff. You want them to try out new ideas, libraries, frameworks, and CMS. You have to see if the candidate has enough skillsets and curiosity to work on projects and frameworks that are entirely new to them. That will show them that they have an interest in their craft. Are they willing to experiment? Are they willing to fail? Only the best developers would be able to thrive in such an environment and that is who you want.

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