How Much Does A Good Website Cost

25 Apr 2023 / Website Design & Development
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How Much Does A Good Website Cost - If you are interested in knowing all about “how much does a good website cost?” There are varied factors that influence the overall cost of developing a website but we can simplify the overall cost into simple categories. For every business, having its own website is a must in this digital era. Even though freelancing is trending today, it may not work for most companies in the longer run. Then outsourcing the website design & development services in Dubai is a great option. 

First of all, it is important to figure out “what will be the objective of your website?” Whether you want to start a blogging website or set up an online store/eCommerce store, or create a company portfolio. Also, there are two major factors that need to be considered for website development i.e. Time and Budget

  • First of all, the time required varied depending on the scalability, complexity, and other factors.
  • The budget also depends upon the goals you have set for the website. More features added extra cost and also include maintenance and recurring costs. 

Ways For Building A Website | How To Build A Website?

Now, let's take a look into the different approaches for the website development process- 

  • Using a Website Builder - A website builder is a type of tool that helps in building a website with simple drag-and-drop functionality and comes with different types of designs. It is perfect for someone that has no coding knowledge and a limited budget. Also, customization is available such as fonts, color, images, etc.  Using a website builder, the average monthly cost is $50. 
  • Using a Content Management System (CMS) - WordPress is a popular CMS that covers almost 60% of the market.  Other popular CMS are Joomla, Magento, and Drupal which can be a great help for creating a website. There are different one-click installations and plugins, and it is easy to develop a website. There is an upfront cost in the case of CMS is $30-$750 per month and the average monthly cost is $11-$50.
  • Hiring a Web Developer - Having your own in-house team or outsourcing a web development project is an expensive option. But it comes with many perks of partnering with one of the top 10 web development companies in Dubai UAE. You will have enough time to focus on other departments and it will bring expertise that will be a huge advantage in the long run. The upfront cost in case of hiring a web developer is approximately $5000 to $30,000. 

How Much Does A Good Website Cost?

Here is the brief of how much developing a website costs and its maintenance as per the current market standards. One should note that these are average costs and may vary from time to time. However, in the case of web builders and using CMS for website development, several costs can be cut out if you don’t hire or outsource such as content, SEO, marketing, etc. There are upfront costs, monthly charges, and annual costs that vary in different types of website building. However, there are basic cost that needs to be made for any web development- 

  • Web Domain - $12 to $600
  • Website Hosting - $35 to $600
  • SSL Certificate - $200
  • Website Template - $50 
  • E-Commerce Functionality - $145 to $1000
  • Website Content - $100 to $500
  • Apps and Integrations - $20 to $100
  • SEO and Marketing - $100 to $500

Why Hire A Professional For Website Development?

As you already understand the importance of having your own website. If you are thinking of hiring an expert for the same, then you are on the right path. More than 70% of the customers make a judgment on the company’s credibility based on web design. Also, nearly 40% of the users decide in the first 15 seconds whether to stay on a website or not by judging the website layout. There are several benefits of hiring a professional website developer - 

  • It brings experience and skills that are useful for any website. 
  • Improved user experience and more custom design.
  • Hiring an expert saves time and provides a competitive edge. 
  • Increase credibility and web maintenance. 
  • Excellent for marketing and SEO strategy.

Hiring one of the best web design companies in Dubai works best if you need a complex website, have no time and expertise, and have a sufficient budget for designing a custom website. 

Final Takeaway

In conclusion, building a good website can be expensive but it is all worth it in the longer run. Hiring an expert brings resources, skills, and experience that bring scalable, flexible, and creative IT solutions. So, if you have a budget, then hiring a professional is the best option. However, if you have any further queries, then you can reach out to Infoquest!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - What is the average five-page cost of a website?

Answer - The average five webpage cost ranges between $500 to $1000 depending upon the functions, and design. 

Question - Is hiring a web developer worth it?

Answer - Hiring an expert web developer is always worth it as it brings a competitive edge, is good for SEO ranking & marketing, and so on. 

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