Digital Marketing Agencies In Muscat

24 Apr 2023 / Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing Agencies In Muscat - With over 8 billion internet users globally, an inbound marketing strategy must be considered.  Hiring a marketing agency for outsourcing online marketing operations. So, if you are planning for the same, then Infoquest is glad to help you. Infoquest is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Muscat Oman. We not only deliver top-quality service but also it is efficient, affordable, and 100% custom-made. 

It is always best for hiring certified and experienced digital marketing experts for your business. We have the infrastructure, strong portfolio, and skilled team to assist all kinds of businesses including B2B, B2C, Enterprises, startups, and large corporations. That’s why Inofquest ranked #1 on the list of top 10 digital marketing agencies in Oman. However, for any kind of queries, then reach out to Infoquest either by calling us at +97145194300, or +971508566441. You can mail us at

What Makes Digital Marketing Essential For Businesses Today?

In simple words, a digital strategy is developing and planning a strategy based on business goals. It can be more organic traffic, leads, more revenue,  creating a customer funnel, etc. Also, online marketing is not an efficient way to target potential audiences but also there are endless advantages that a business can utilize in improving its overall marketing strategy.

  • Digital strategy/inbound strategy provides ease in targeting audiences based on the data collected including demographic, interests, etc. Inbound marketing can generate over 50% more sales than any other marketing scheme.

  • The average cost per lead through digital marketing is 61% less than the traditional marketing strategy. PPC is an effective way for lowering the cost and ultimately offers high ROI. Email marketing has the highest ROI. 
  • Globally, there are over 14 billion smartphone users and this number is going to double in the next two years. Going digital for reaching out to potential customers is much more convenient and opens more opportunities. 
  • Social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tokk have over 9 million active users. There are social platforms for both B2B businesses like LinkedIn & Twitter and B2C businesses like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook. There is great potential for properly using these platforms for many reasons such as brand awareness, customer service, etc. 
  • AI is here and there is no way a business should sideline its potential. Making your business relevant to this digital era and an effective digital strategy with the assistance of experts is the only solution. AI has several benefits for a business like offering a personalized experience, programmatic advertising, and assistance. 

Top Digital Marketing Growth Statistics 2023

  • On average, local businesses put in 10% of revenue, and large businesses put in 14% to digital marketing. 
  • Over 90% of users check online reviews before making the final purchase. 
  • Businesses that respond to reviews and queries online had 50% more chances of users spending more money.
  • Globally, spending on digital ads has increased to a value of over $400 billion. Digital ads increase brand awareness by 75%. 
  • Nearly 50% of businesses agree that SEO strategy brings the best ROI.
  • 45% of the online search queries are regarding local businesses products and services. 
  • There are over 50 million companies' active accounts on LinkedIn and over 200 million business accounts on Instagram and Facebook has the highest number of active accounts belonging to businesses. 

One Of The Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Muscat Oman - Infoquest

Infoquest is considered one of the best digital marketing agencies in Muscat. Our Company offered a complete service covering all the major aspects of digital marketing that includes search engine optimization (SEO), Social media marketing (SMM), Pay-per-Click (PPC), video marketing, and content marketing. Also, the Infoquest approach results-oriented strategy to deliver high ROI at affordable rates. We believe in transparency, quality, and innovation. To this day, we have worked with leading brands globally assisting in effective digital strategy which is 100% personalized and result-oriented. 

Apart from it, Infoquest is a leading IT company that provides fully-customized, flexible, and creative IT solutions. It includes website design & development, website applications, digital marketing, mobile applications development, and SEO. Lastly, if you are interested in working with Infoquest, then reach out to us today!

Contact Details

Company Name: Infoquest DMCC
Phone Number: +971 4 519 4300, +971 50 8566 441
Email Id:
Skype Id: Infoquestit
Address: Infoquest DMCC, P.O.Box: 50308, Unit 1113, DMCC Business Centre, Level No. 1, Jewellery & Gemplex 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - Which are the best digital agencies in Muscat Oman?

Answer - Infoquest is among the leading and best digital agencies in Muscat Oman offering to provide a complete digital strategy service at a competitive price. 

Question - What are the digital marketing trends in 2023?

Answer - Some major current and near-future digital marketing trends are artificial intelligence, VR, augmentation, social media influencers, and analytics. 

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