Should you build a mobile app or a website if you are an ecommerce service provider?

07 Mar 2018 / Open Source Customization
Author: Moin Mohammed, Infoquest DMCC

Importance Of Building Mobile App or Website For eCommerce - E-commerce has risen as one of the highest methods of purchasing among people thanks to the convenience and the fact that it saves a lot of time for the end consumer. Most people are comfortable right now buying from their mobile phones, a trait that was missing in the initial days of eCommerce when people were afraid of inputting their credit card details and other information. With the advent of 4G and 5G, there are a lot of people who have access to the Internet and this has made them comfortable shopping using their smartphones itself. Since customers carry a mobile phone always in their person, they tend to make a lot of impulse purchases as well.

All right. So if you are an eCommerce company, where should you invest your money in? A mobile app or a mobile-optimized website? The answer actually is both.

What an eCommerce website entails?

Although a native app and a mobile-optimized website look the same, they arrive at different ends of the spectrum. When someone is casually searching for a product, having a mobile website helps because the user can discover it there on the website. If they only have an app, the user would have to download the app which is not something a new user would be willing to do. An ecommerce website is advantageous when people are not willing to download your app because it is not going to be a frequent purchase. People can also discover your products and services if it is available on a website rather than a native app.

What does a native mobile app entail?

On the other hand, someone who downloads the mobile app of an eCommerce store would be someone who has already purchased something with the store earlier, i.e. a returning customer. Having a mobile app gives you the power to connect with your customers directly without the intervention of a 3rd party service provider like an email inbox. Tweet or a Facebook feed. Using the mobile app you can even send offers, and discounts and inform them of any promotions directly to all users. With a mobile phone app, the company can even send notifications based on location as it can integrate itself with the features of the smartphone. Mobile apps not only help you create a brand but it is also worthy to build if you want to develop a loyal following among your customer base.

Both native apps and mobile optimized websites are affordable and it is not that one is costlier than the other to make, at least not by a long distance. If you are looking for ecommerce website development in Dubai, get the help of the experts at Infoquest. The verdict is that it makes sense to provide both for your customers, a native app and a mobile optimized website as well.

If you are an ecommerce company with a lot of customers and you want to improve your brand identity and build a loyal following, it makes sense to create a native app too other than providing a mobile-optimized website.

Advantages of having a native app:

Here are some of the reasons why you need to give your eCommerce customers a mobile app too: 1. Use the features of the smartphone to provide more frills to your customers, 2. Send instant push notifications, 3. Helps in reducing marketing costs, 4. Gives your users an immersive experience, 5. Boosts conversation between the customer and the business.

Advantages of a mobile-optimized e-commerce website:

Here are some reasons in support of a mobile-optimized website, it is only fair that we give advantages to this as well: 1. Mobile-optimized websites give your business an Omni-channel reach, 2. It extends your reach to your target audience who still do not have a smartphone, 3. Websites help you with high ranking as they are SEO friendly, 4. They help you with getting discovered on social media channels much more easily than on mobile apps.

Final verdict on Native app vs Website for an eCommerce company:

Now that we had a rundown of the entire topic, we can safely assume that you need to provide your customers with a mobile-optimized website as well as a mobile app. Even though there are phones that come with gargantuan space internally, not all can afford it, so downloading many apps might be counterintuitive to some of them, this is also one of the reasons why it makes sense to keep a mobile-optimized website. For eCommerce website development in Dubai along with a native app, we are there to help you with it. Get on a free consulting call with Infoquest to get things rolling for your business.

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