More than half of online sales today are on mobile or tablet devices, leading to 51% of the total online retail shopping dominated by smart devices globally

28 Aug 2017 / Technology on Smart Devices
Author: Moin Mohammed, Infoquest DMCC

More Than Half Of Online Sales Today Are On Mobile - Since 2015, more than half of global online sales were made via mobile or tablet devices. It's the first time ever this year that mobile sales have surpassed desktop or laptop sales, accounting for 51% of online shopping dominated by smart devices globally.

The breakdowns of the statistics are interesting as it shows a clear lead for tablets since last quarter:

Desktop/laptop 42%
Tablet Devices 36%
Mobile Phones 22%

However, this doesn't tell the whole story. While tablets are ahead of mobiles, the growth rate for mobiles is seven times that of tablets. 

Sales via smartphones and laptops not only reached 58% but they were also signed up, compared to the previous quarter and smartphones have played an important role in the overall online retail shopping experience.

Conversion rate year-on-year comparison

Many companies have invested in mobile apps or responsive websites so that customers can easily navigate and checkout even on a tiny screen. So it will be reassuring to know that the conversation rate on mobile has gone up massively since last year by 70-80%. Mobile platforms not only have become more secure but also the payment process is much faster and easier.

Mobile devices are becoming the glue between our shops and online stores. Increasingly, customers are using the two channels combined, for example using their mobiles to check customer ratings, reviews and further update and manage product information on the go.


More growth to come! 

Mobile advertising and geo-location-based social media marketing are yet to fully kick on 100%, so expect rapid growth for mobile eCommerce starting from the year 2018 onwards. The top three US digital properties are Google, Facebook, and Yahoo but it’s interesting to know that the “mobile only” audiences for Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon and others are larger than Google’s. Google has 2 of the top 5 desktop domains and half of the top 10 are mobile apps

As economies are developing rapidly those companies would be successful and adopt mobile technology quickly. More than 60% of total online retail sales are expected to be made via mobile by 2019. Mobile usage will be even more pronounced and fast in countries where people explore the internet through their low-cost smartphones. This new way of internet usage has forced different brands to make considerable changes in the way they reach their audience i.e. by adopting the ‘mobile only’ trend.

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