Here are some of the reasons why Magento is the right choice when you have a B2B business

30 Jul 2019 / eCommerce
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Reasons Why Magento is the right choice For B2B business - It is usual to think that most B2C customers these days can be seen purchasing from the Internet while leaving out B2B customers who also try to buy stuff from the Internet because there is already a lot of information available and one can do informed buying on the Internet. Magento provides a rich set of features and is one of the most popular platforms to migrate to. If you are looking for a web developer in Dubai to fulfill your website needs, the experts at Infoquest will be able to help you with sound advice.

Get real-time account info:

It is imperative to know the status quo at any point in time when you are dealing with a B2B business model. Magento gives live account information so that you can take swift action, including being able to help with gauging the credit limit and using this piece of information to avoid any sales because of this.

Totally customizable platform:

There are a lot of factors that make the entire experience on an eCommerce platform, a B2B platform requires more features that are not necessary for B2C platforms. One big advantage of Magento is that they make the ordering system extremely efficient, which is a big plus when it comes to the shopping experience. The workflow when it comes to selecting and ordering products is more streamlined here. Based on the vendor’s requirement, there can be a lot of features and functionalities that can be easily customized. A website developer in Dubai who has the right experience working on platforms that have used Magento is your right pick for your B2B eCommerce needs.

Quick to order:

Imagine there is no search functionality on an eCommerce website and you have to click on ‘Next’ at least a hundred times to find the product that you want comes ups. Even with a search engine, it can actually be a little difficult to find what you want. This is where Magento makes it real easy with its suite of functionalities. It offers the option of quick pull-down menus. With the help of a web developer in Dubai who has the right team, you can enjoy the best possible ecommerce website for yourself. Give us a call and talk to any of the Infoquest experts.

Simplified re-ordering:

When you have big companies as your clients, they would usually be ordering repeatedly. This is where you have to make sure that the entire ordering process is seamless for them. Also remember that bringing a new customer is much difficult than keeping an old customer, so it is wise on your part if you make the repeat purchase part as clean and easy as the onboarding process. Magento gives you the option of requisition lists using which your clients can make changes to the kind of orders they want to make every time.

Account Management:

Magento allows your customers to create accounts by themselves, see for themselves and make payment and track purchases that are being made on their account. This is because a lot of clients are happy to do it by themselves. They do not want a third-party to do it as they think they know their needs better. This not only improves retention, it also gives the clients a hold of what they do on their accounts and helps them keep control of it.

Some of the other exclusive B2B features that are commonly used in eCommerce websites and which Magento exclusively provides are A list of contractors who have gone through a verification process, Collective negotiation of discounts, Consultants who can take orders on someone else’s behalf, the ability to add items to a cart and save it later, sharing the contents of the cart, wholesale ordering system, different types of payment that are exclusive to B2B like credit. If you want B2B eCommerce solutions and are looking for website developers in Dubai, the Infoquest team will be more than happy to serve your needs.

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