Advantages of using a mobile app for your business to improve your prospects

13 Dec 2017 / Technology on Smart Devices
Author: Moin Mohammed, Infoquest DMCC

Advantages of Using a Mobile App for Business Improvement - There was a time when it was believed that only large corporations require mobile apps, but that line of thinking has long gone as it is imperative for even small businesses to have a mobile app to showcase their services or products. In fact, one can see a lot of returns in terms of branding and revenue especially with mobile apps. There is a lot of ad budget spent on the mobile platform because people are always available on their smartphones and almost always connected to the Internet. If your offering is not available as an app, you can expect your prospect to go to your competitor’s mobile app and they will give your business to them, as simple as that.

Don’t worry about having to spend a lot of money on creating an app either as there are a lot of technologies that have been developed in the recent years making it easy to create a mobile app at a reasonable price. Infoquest has been working on Mobile app development projects in Dubai for a lot of years with a varied list of clients.

We give you five reasons why your business should have a mobile app:

It offers better personalization:

Mobiles apps gives your users better personalization by tailoring the app based on the user’s interest, location, demographics, age, occupation, etc. These mobile apps can also observe how a user is using a particular app and then customize the experience accordingly. Providing a personalized experience will not only improve your company’s branding efforts but it also helps you to move a prospect to the next stage in your sales cycle.

You can send push-notifications:

Businesses can notify their customers using their app with not only push notifications that will redirect a user to the app but also in-app notifications. It is considered non-intrusive and a user mostly opens a mobile app notification more than an email. In fact, a user doesn’t even have to be on the app to receive a push notification.

Apps can make use of a smartphone’s features as well:

Remember that having your company’s mobile app means that you can also use the features that come along with a smartphone on your app. To name a few, it could be a calendar, GPS, Calculator, Contact list, etc. When these features can be used without having to go to a separate URL, it can make the experience much better for your customer. For such Mobile app development projects in Dubai, Infoquest is one of your best bets.

Apps can work offline too:

Even when a customer is offline, they can still access information about you. They might not be able to perform complex tasks, but you can still offer content and some basic functionality to your users when offline. It is probably this difference between mobile app and a website which makes having mobile apps for your business a no-brainer.

Better branding:

A mobile app does not necessarily have to be similar to your website. You can take the liberty to make it a branding exercise. Experiment with different colors except with tinkering your main branding colors, change the style of your marketing communication with your users. You can also give users the choice to customize the mobile app’s appearance according to their wish. Infoquest’s app developers in Dubai have the knack of making apps that are a stand-out among users with their insistence on following branding guidelines of the customer, thus making sure that only a unified marketing message is sent to your customers.

Infoquest has some of the finest app developers in Dubai using which you can create a mobile app for your business that will increase your bottom-line and keep your customers happy.

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